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GuangZhou KingFeng  Co., Ltd  offers cool,yabovip214  at competitive price  to clients all round the world.With a high level of knowledge and experience,we have the ability to meet your products request. 

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GuangZhou KingFeng  Co., Ltd has a professional team for homeware, and you are warmly welcome to inquiry about us!

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ForeignTrade Enterprise SiteGuangZhou KingFeng  Co., Ltd  is committed to the process of manufacturing development, production, sales and service unique and intersting homeware  series products,such as  led light,  children toy and so on. Established in 2016, it is located in Guangzhou  Guangdong Province China.. having 2,000 square meters area of structure and various types of mold, injection, processing, testing and other high-tech equipments. It takes pride of its founder having  almost 15 years of experience, and our products enjoy a good reputation from oversea customers such as USA, Russia and UAE.. 






Corporate Vision:

Provide consumers with the highest quality homeware products for employees to create maximum space for development, to become the world's most famous, most influential and homeware brand design, manufacturer and distributor. 

Corporate Mission:

For employees to create the most comfortable working environment and most harmonious working atmosphere, so that each employee's capabilities are to be maximized, so that each employee's self-worth can get a good reflection of growing concern and help each employee, each member of the company can be found sense of identity and belonging.

The development of enterprises to make scientific strategic planning, business strategy to provide a complete market research, attention to corporate brand and reputation, focus on business trends and dynamics, as the enterprise-class companies to make international and make unremitting efforts.

To provide customers with quality products and patient consultation, careful analysis of customer needs and strive to meet the customer's desire, intention to treat every customer with sincerity and enthusiasm to impress customers and emphasis on customer service.

For business partners to provide mutually beneficial cooperation model to achieve their strategic win-win cooperation, dissemination of both the core concept of the brand, to achieve maximum business profits parties and social value.

Progress and development of society dedicated to a force, and actively participate in various activities, Thanksgiving back to society, so that the community a better place.

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